CONVEGNI E PREMI - Smau Milano 2015

Giovedì 22 - ore 10:00
Durata: 1 ora

Sala 2 - Pad.1


cod. 33977
ItaliaRestartsUp 2015 - Plenary session

The plenary session will kick off ItaliaRestartsUp 2015 and is meant to introduce the Italian ecosystem to international investors and other guests. Policy makers, investors and startup companies will take the floor in this one hour session, higlighting challenges and achievements related to doing business with Italian innovative companies, as seen from their organization's specific point of view.

Mr Pierantonio Macola – CEO - Smau
Mr Gianpaolo Bruno – Director, Strategic Planning, Studies and Foreign Offices – Ita
Mr Stefano Firpo – Director General – Ministry of Economic Development
Mr Gianluca Dettori - President - dPixel