Angelo Marino


After earning a degree in Sociology and a specialized degree in Communication Studies, with different experiences of study abroad (USA and UK), and after a Master in Marketing Management, now I'm a PR, Communication and Digital Marketing Manager for the new brand Scrambler Ducati.

Copywriter, I’m also a Journalist member of the Order of Journalist of Bologna.
I have the skills and competences to play different roles in the Communication and Marketing field as well as Press Office. I'm completely in love with every sports: to practice and to follow.

For What concern the Scrambler Ducati Experience, our team has built, positioned and launched the new Scrambler Ducati Brand and all the related products all over the world. We changed the way to market a new product in the motorcycle world, we are reaching amazing results and, above all: we are having fun. My role in the team is: Branding, Communication, Press Office, Digital Community, ADV and Videos &Photo Shooting.

Determined, I enjoy team works but I’m also capable of undertaking tasks requiring independent research. I have good ability to work under pressure, good sense of organization and leadership. I also have good ability to adapt to multicultural environment gained through experiences abroad and numerous volunteering experiences. 

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