PRODOTTI - Smau Milano 2015

ReadRunner. a playful reading platform

ReadRunner provides an available and viable solution for people who have difficulties in reading to no fault of their own (learning challenges, immigration, lack of access) in a society where reading is as crucial as ever and the medium of reading is rapidly changing.

ReadRunner is a product aimed to treat dyslexia and learning disorders by transforming the reading experience with an engaging and intelligent environment hosted on a mobile app.
ReadRunner’s mobile environment allows the reader to experience reading independently and location-free, while being (seamlessly) monitored for performance and feedback by the clinician. As a result, reader is motivated to practice and repeat, oversight is efficient and “non threatening” and performance analysis is instantaneous.

The ReadRunner solution facilitates an integrated communication between therapeutic staff, education system and family.
ReadRunner is available on iOS, Android and Windows (November 2015).


Strumenti di supporto alla riabilitazione | L'app ReadRunner facilita il processo di lettura a chi è affetto da dislessia

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